Welcome to Act First Drama  School

Let your imagination fly!


Act First is an independent drama school, run by Sarah Hitchin, who has over 20 years teaching and industry experience. The main focus at Act First is acting, inspiring imaginations, helping concentration, building confidence and self-esteem. Drama also plays a big part in understanding the world around us and develops emotional and intelligent development, whilst having lots of fun. 

Because of this, Act First attracts boys and girls in equal measure.

Classes run in 4 locations in East Anglia, including Chelmsford, Cambridge and Suffolk. We have three sessions available; Beginners (3-5s), Intermediates (6-11s) and Seniors (12-19s).

We put on termly local performances/open workshops and biannual big theatre productions.

Act First prides itself on making sessions affordable for all, giving discounts to low-income families as well as full scholarships.

So, if you think your child would be interested

why not give Act First  a try?

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